Camiguin Once Again

Camiguin is an island I never tire of.  I can go there again and again and still find it as refreshing as it was the first time I ever set foot there in 1983.

Our 2010 Philippine Tour began here, with Mama, the Camara family, and Buzz (a classmate from high school.  Since the flight into Cagayan de Oro was an early one, we decided to have breakfast at Jollibee — at where Joseph, all Australian boy, righteously declared that he didn’t like Jollibee anymore, simply because he had already eaten there twice.

As soon as I introduced Buzz to my family he was accepted and assimilated into our ranks immediately.  I found that amusing since Buzz and I hadn’t been very close back in high school.  Ah well, the effects of age I guess.

I did my best to act as tour guide on the long and, normally, uneventful drive to Balingoan but family kept interrupting.  The barge ride was even more lively — Danny took out his trusty video camera while Buzz and I caught up with current events.

We had a late lunch at the J&A Fish Pen Resort, then checked into Paras Beach Resort (with Buzz in Ardent Hot Springs Resort).  Before finally turning in for the night, we all trooped to the hot springs and had a relaxing dip.  Needless to say, we slept well that night.

Paras Beach Resort

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