Exploring Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls is the tallest waterfalls in Camiguin, with a measured height of 250 feet.  It is a single spout of water, gently and continuously falling down into a tiny pool.  The flow is so light that the crater formed by the weight of the water is not as deep as one might think with a falls that high.  Did you ever wonder at this phenomenon?

Katibawasan Falls

So while the boys were enjoying the freezing pool water, Pia and I took it upon ourselves to explore the resulting stream that flowed deep into the forest.  It was also the perfect opportunity for me to test the waterproof ability of my new Canon Powershot D10.


There is so much to see along a fresh, untouched and clean river — soft, green moss growing on rocks, ferns sprouting in every corner touched by sunlight, fallen leaves being taken away by the rushing water, vines hanging from tree branches and greens, greens, greens.  I could have sat there forever.

Suddenly, Pia let out a shout.  Her slipper had disappeared!  We looked over rocks and around the area where we were standing, but it wasn’t there.  Nen tried to console her by saying we could buy slippers from the souvenir shops outside but Pia couldn’t hide her disappointment.  It was, after all, her first pair of Mojos, given to her especially by her Tito Joey.  Fortunately, Vic, with complete disregard for his own safety, climbed over a few rocks and found the slipper stuck among them.  Talk about tenacious!

Always remember, we are being watched by the spirits of the forest.  As usual, when we are presented with stones of all shapes and sizes, the urge to build comes over us and we naturally give in.  And more often than not, the figures form that of a woman..

Lady Looking Up
Lady Looking Down

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