Family Fun in Camiguin

Our first full day in Camiguin was filled with eating, having fun in the water and eating some more.  Ed and I picked up Buzz from the Ardent Hot Spring Resort and transferred him to Paras Beach Resort where we were billeted.  The transfer was more convenient for us because now we could plan our activities together for the benefit of the whole group.  We had a BIG breakfast of toast and omelet with hot choco (mmm!) and a fruit platter to cap it off.  Did I mention that the servings were big?

Toast and Omelet Breakfast

We headed towards Mambajao.  On the way we chanced upon a lanzones orchard where harvesters were busily picking the ripe, yellow berries and decided to stop to watch and perhaps get information for Nen’s website.  We bought as much as we could eat in one day (it only cost P20/kilo) and then spent the next few minutes rummaging around a pile of disregarded “rejects”, which tasted perfectly fine to us.

Fishing for Lanzones

After eating our fill, we got back into the van and continued our drive to Katibawasan Falls, the tallest waterfalls in Camiguin at 250 feet.

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