A Marathon Tour (7-10am)

Bucas Grande, where the limestone cliffs and underground river of Palawan meet the white sand beaches of Boracay and Bohol in a splash of awe.  Ooooh really?  Wa’ stir?  Prove it!

We took the two-day tour compressed into one: visiting the different islands and islets, a couple of lakes so clean and peaceful, four caves — one was Sohoton Cave, into which one could only enter and exit during low tide, a pool filled with non-toxic jellyfish, and having lunch with the staff of the local government unit of Socorro.

Please, let my pictures tell the story!

Sand So Fine
30-minute (only???) beach break
Mama (78yo), trekking
Mirror Images

Happy?  This is just the beginning.  We were treated to a whole day of activities and surprising eye-feasts.  I’m amazed that we did all those in just one day!  Can’t wait?  Watch for more pictures!

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