A Marathon Tour (10am-12nn)

We’re used to road trips because we like the view and can take tons of pictures while sitting down.  But I didn’t realize how beautiful a sea-trip could be until we went to Bucas Grande, a group of islands northeast of Surigao del Norte.

After our short (30-minute) beach stop, we headed for the famous Sohoton Cave, a half-hour banca ride from where we were.  Who would have thought that a shoreline, seen from the fisherman’s point of view, could be so fascinating?

Dotted with White
Islands in the Distance
Cruising the Islands

Then we entered a pass and disembarked at a rickety platform where we were to have lunch.  Sohoton Cave, we were told, could only be entered and exited during low tide.  So while waiting, we would eat.  It did not matter that our meal was a bit early.

Our Coach Awaits

I am still amazed at how clear and clean the water was.  I pray that even with tourism, the place won’t lose it’s beauty and appeal.

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