A Marathon Tour (3-6pm)

The day wasn’t done yet, oh, no!  Though the afternoon was obviously waning, our guides took us to yet another pool that was filled with little brown creatures.  At closer inspection (our guide picked one up and held it up for us to see and hold), they were jellyfish!

Non-toxic Jellyfish???
Yep, I'm Cool!







And yet another inland lake called the Lagoon Tiktikan Ecosystem.

What's in Store For Us?

But it was starting to rain so we weren’t able to go down and take a closer look.  Another item to come back for, don’t you think?

By the looks of the hovering clouds and the sinking sun, we really had to head back.  We just had one more stop — a resort built by Koreans supposedly for Koreans, but was opened to the public only recently.  It’s called Club Tara.






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