The Kaamulan Festival: A Story of Life

2010 Dance-athon

Kaamulan comes from the Binukid word “amul” meaning to gather or a social gathering.  It could be anything from a datu-ship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a harvest thanksgiving, or a peace pact (  So this gathering, held annually every 3rd week of February to March 10, is the time when the seven (7) tribes of Bukidnon Province (Matigsalug, Ilianon, Pulangihon, Umayamnon, Talaandig, Tigwa Manobo, Western Bukidnon Manobo, and Higaunon) come together to meet, socialize, marry, have reunions, etc. and show off their bright colors and wares.

The main cultural activity is dance and the main medium of expression is music.  The natives cannot live without either one and any visitor immersing themselves in the festivities will attest to that first hand.  In fact, this year’s Festival has been altered somewhat to bring back the perception of Bukidnon culture as opposed to the growing number of “foreign” cultures pervading in the previous festivals (i.e. videoke, wares from other regions overpowering our own humble trinkets, mardi gras style of parade).  The city government has even constructed a building near the provincial capitol to serve as the “venue” for this gathering.  Anyone who is interested to see an authentic native ritual is welcome to come in and watch (and take pictures, of course).

Date to Remember:  MARCH 5, 2011 (SATURDAY) @ 7:00AM, PINE HILLS HOTEL ENTRANCE


See You There!

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