4th Bagasbas Surf Festival: Last Call

by Joey Cuerdo, event organizer

Haven’t got that much cash but still itching for a wild summer adventure? Got summer class or limited work leaves but still want to get thoroughly stoked?

This summer, test just how far your 800 pesos and a 3-day weekend can go.

If you’ve heard of the Bagasbas Summer Surf Festival, then you’ll know: a pretty long way. This summer, be prepared for the wildest, loudest, most happening surf and beach extravaganza to ever hit the shores of the Philippines!

Gear up for the Bagasbas Summer Surf Festival happening from April 15-17, 2011 at Bagasbas Beach, Daet, Camarines Norte! Get to surf, wall-climb, play Ultimate Frisbee, beach volleyball, dodgeball, groove to reggae and ska beats ‘til the wee hours of the morning and even visit a divinely beautiful island, all within a great budget and three days!

Travel taste bud tickled? Here are the specifics.

The Php 800 registration fee entitles you to the following fun-in-the-sun activities:

o   One surf session, inclusive of board rental and instructor (20 mins prep on land, 30 mins hands-on in the water)

o   One event shirt

o   The right to join Wall-climbing/Ultimate Frisbee/Beach Volleyball/Dodgeball clinics  (all day long for as long as you like!)

o   One pair of MOJO slippers

o   One great beach party with the reggae sounds of Coffee Break Island on the night of April 16

A pretty good deal, eh? Just be sure to register early at the Secretariat Booth on the beach. Get your surf session time-slot, check in at your hotel, change and prepare to conquer the waves.

What’s more, there’s a pre-registration price of Php 500! Just deposit your payment into

BDO account number: 006458003485

Account name:  Outward Bound Gear Inc.

Once deposited, text “bagasbas reg + your name” to 09175061011. Bring your deposit slip to the Secretariat Booth on the event date and you’re good to go! Note: no deposit slip, no pre-registration. Php 800 for on-site registration will be strictly followed.

As if this trip couldn’t get any better, add a possible visit to the eerily beautiful Calaguas Islands or Apuao Island!

The Calaguas Islands is famous for its pristine beaches with flour-fine white sand. The Island Tours being offered can bring you and yourbarkada to the island and back, as well as provide tents, 2 meals with snacks and a generator for a SPECIAL PARTICIPANT’S PRICE of P1,350/person. Normal rates range between P1,800 to P2,300.  Contact Provincial Tourism Office /AMABLE 0930-4938054.

The best way to maximize Calaguas is to stay overnight in one of the islands. For this, you might want to extend your trip ‘til the 18th. However, if you’re really pressed for time or don’t want to go that far from Bagasbas Beach, visit the equally alluring Apuao Island.

Apuao Grande Island used to be a private Australian-run island with its own air strip, golf course and retirement village. Only guests had access to it, until now! A breath-taking view awaits you and your friends after a short trek to its highest point. This can be done as a day trip, with pick up from Bagasbas, speed boat rental, lunch and a snack for only P850. Contact Boy 0999-3779986.

Now, let’s get down to practicalities. Read on if you want to know more about transportation, lodging and food. If you play your cards right, I assure you, this awesome trip will cost you 4,000 bucks or less.


Most Hassle-free Option: Join the Chartered Trips of Planes and Places Travel Services, with bus booking, hotel accommodation, meals planned… even unlimited drinks at the event through BAR ON THE RUN.  Go to Surfing Bagasbas on Facebook and look for them there.

Bus Commute:

On a tight budget? Take Superlines with the terminal at Cubao along EDSA, southbound between Times and Aurora Boulevard.  The trip is 6 hours minimum, but the bus ride of Superlines has A LOT OF STOPS. The buses aren’t new, but the fare is cheaper at P490 (aircon bus). Superlines has only 2 trips bound for Daet, 9:00 PM and 9:30 PM. Bus arrives at 6 AM the next day. This gives you the perfect chance to register in early on Day 1 of the Surf Fest. For scheds and more details, call SUPERLINES – daet (054) 571-2225, cubao(02)414-3319. TRAVEL TIP: reserve and purchase seats a day before or in the morning of your trip to avoid running out of seats.

Willing to spend for comfort and speed? Take Philtranco with terminals in Pasay and Cubao. The buses are newer and don’t stop as much. Two trips leave for Daet at 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM with the highest fares at P650. The toilet services on board might just be worth the additional cost. Call PHILTRANCO – cubao (02)722-7567, pasay (02) 851-5420,daet (054)721-4350.


It’s a 370 km road trip from Metro Manila to Bagasbas Beach in Daet. Prepare a Google maps print-out, gas money, a driving buddy and a kick-ass road trip playlist.



There are plenty of hotels and inns in Daet, many can be found right along Bagasbas Beach. I’ve stayed in huts with single bathrooms costing only P150 a night. Here’s a list:

Area Code (054)

Canimog Hotel                                            440 – 2029 / 721 – 5318

Daet Hotel                                                   571 – 2512

Daet Apartelle                                              721 – 5520 / 571 – 2693

Diamond Motor Lodge                                 571 – 2136 / 721 – 5527

Dolor Hotel                                                  721 – 2167 / 440 – 7070

Nathaniel Apartelle                                        440 – 3395 / 721 – 1362

Pinoy Hotel                                                  440 – 0410

Regine Joy Apartelle                                     721 – 1420 / 721 – 5250

Royal Orchids Hotel                                     605 – 0066

Sampaguita Tourist Inn                                 571 – 2258 / 440 – 8585

Travellers Hotel                                            440 – 1521

*Travellers Inn                                               721 – 2993

*Hebris Pent hauz                                          721 – 2373

Irish Travel Lodge                                        440 – 6151

Labo Apartelle                                             585 – 2405

Mines Hotel                                                 721 – 1403 / 571 – 2734

Mega Star Hotel                                           721 – 1600 / 605 – 0024

Habibi Apartelle                                           CP 0921 – 9759770

Villa Mila Hotel                                            721 – 5107

*Auro Hotel                                                  CP 0921 – 2240461

*Lodging houses near the beach


If you’re on a tight budget, bring a tent or borrow from your friends and go camping on Bagasbas Beach! The local government will provide a secured area for campers, with access to toilet facilities and fresh water.  There will be minimal cost though for use of toilet and shower.


There are tons of restaurants and restobars along Bagasbas Beach. Be sure to try out the Fritto Misso from Kusina ni Angel and thecalamares and mango juice at Leo’s Cuisine!

Already tasting the salt on your lips and feeling the sand in your toes? Then count-down the days ‘til the Bagasbas Surf Fest brought to you by the cool kids at the Provincial Government of Camarines Norte (0930 493 8054) and Power Play Events Management: bagasbas.summer.surf.festival@gmail.com

This event is presented by the Province of Camarines Norte and MOJO Slippers and Sandals with support from DOT Region 5.

We are also supported by Progressive Volleyball Center, Power Up Climbing Gyms, Dodgeball Association of the Philippines, Espana United and Sunken Pleasure Ultimate Frisbee Clubs.

Official Partners: MarketingVille, Pakyaw.com, Planes and Places, Bar on the Run

This is one surf trip you cannot miss!

For other questions not answered in this email, ask JOEY at


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