A New Breed of Politician: Coming in Through the Back Door

“The year, 2016. The place, Malacañang Palace. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the Republic of the Philippines…’

Who comes out? (Hey, this is Barry’s write-up.)

Most people who know this witty, remarkable guy do not find the scene previously described hard to imagine; and none of them dismiss the possibility of its realization. Everyone believes that Barry has a very bright future ahead of him, particularly in the field where much talk is required. Yup, communication, in any form, is his expertise.

If the prediction is to come true, Barry would have to win an election. To win an election, people must vote for him. To vote for him, they would have to know him. Now, that’s the least of Barry’s problems, for there are many ways to remember Barry. The photographer will remember him as the high school senior with the politician’s smile. His instructors can remember him as the keen, intelligent and reliable student leader. His classmates can remember him as one of the champions in the first year Math-Sci competition, the passionate orator and debater in the sophomore year, or as the dedicated Corps Executive Officer. His friends may remember him as a fun yet sincere companion, a budding poet, a disastrous dancer, a philosophical mentor, or simply a confused, lovestruck young man searching for the Joys of life.

The name ‘Barry’ certainly brings different images and memories to different people. But if you’re one of those who have yet to befriend this guy, go out there and look for him. Take his hand and shake it, for someday, ‘Ibarra Gutierrez’ will be more than just another name.”
** taken word for word from the high school yearbook page of Hon. Ibarra Gutierrez III, newly appointed Undersecretary of the Office of Political Affairs (OPA)

Aquino appoints 20 new gov’t officials


Also named undersecretaries of the OPA are Atty. Jose Luis Martin Gascon and Ibarra Gutierrez III.

University of the Philippines, College of Law.  Philippine Science High School, Class of 1990.  My Batchmate.  SPECTACULAR!!!

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