An Adventure Like No Other

We hear a motorcycle coming up the road.. Wait, the engine’s rev is too high to be from an ordinary motorcycle, maybe it’s a scooter.. on the highway? Wait, here it comes, it should be passing us any moment, any minute, right about.. Wait, what? It’s flying over us???

a beautiful sunrise

You start the day cool and early (must be at the airstrip by 6:00am). One of the perks of this adventure is that you are treated to one of the most beautiful sunrises in the country. Where else can you watch the sun rise over the Bukidnon mountains, through the morning mist, behind the low-lying clouds and shockingly bright in the clear, blue sky?

wings to fly

It’s time to take a good look at your aircraft.  It looks like a scooter (hey, I was right!) with three wheels, a propeller and a gas tank attached on its rear, and.. wait for it.. glider wings connected to the whole contraption with flimsy-looking aluminum rods. This is what you’ll be flying in??? Let’s do it!

lining up for take-off
smooth as silk
fly by
perfect landing

Riding with the Flying Gecko in Bukidnon.  Perfect for photo shoots, group outings, adventure trippings, or just wanting to try something new (like our guests who came all the way from Cebu:

man's greatest invention - FLIGHT

For more information, contact La Montaña Tours & Vans at +63 (920) 9600192 or email them at

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