The Boracay Saga – Introduction

If you will recall in my previous post, I mentioned that recently, I have made a goal to visit at least three (3) “new” provinces/destinations each year.  This year, they were Puerto Princesa in Palawan (DONE! – June 18-22, 2011), Boracay and Bacolod.  Well, guess what?  Right now, I am sitting in an airport restaurant (Cookie’s) here at Lumbia Airport, CDO City, with my mom, waiting for our 10:00am flight for Manila, after which we will transfer to a Manila-Caticlan flight in the afternoon.  We’re headed for Boracay today!

This trip almost didn’t happen.  My brother, who lives in the US, has a scheduled trip to the Philippines with his family this year.  But instead of spending his time in the family house in Bukidnon, he decided to take in an island trip like he did the last time (2007).  He chose Boracay, an island they had visited already once before because of the much-advertised night life being offered.  Unfortunately, none of the other islands we suggested (Camiguin, Bucas Grande, Puerto Princesa) had that most important amenity.

So, of course, because this is a family affair, my kuya brought his family (wife, 2 daughters and the eldest daughter’s boyfriend) and instructed me to arrange for our mom’s travel requirements.  Originally, Ed and I had decided not to go because the timing seemed wrong and we would not have the budget for it.  Besides, the group would be coming to Bukidnon immediately after, so why go when they’re coming down anyway, right?

Up until last month, July, plans were as is.  Then one day, when I was trying to explain to my mom how her connecting flights would work, it suddenly dawned on her that I wasn’t going.  So started her subtle, yet somehow effective (well, I’m here at the airport now, aren’t I?  Ed already left on an earlier PAL flight..) means of convincing us to go.  Some of her reasons were:

1.  This was the most convincing because I saw her logic:  “You are in the tourism industry and are even a tour guide.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to extend your scope so that you can also bring guests to other parts of the country, not just here in Mindanao.”  Now, who can argue with that?

2.  But then I still hesitated because once again, my husband wouldn’t be with me.  I already went to Palawan twice (El Nido and Puerto Princesa) without him.. I don’t want to go to more nice places without him naman!  And this is Boracay!  Marketed as the ultimate wedding destination!  My mom’s solution?  She lent us money for airfare.  Now, once again, who could refuse that kind of persuasion?

So here we are.

Inside Cookie's Restaurant @ Lumbia Airport, waiting for our flight to be called

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