The Boracay Saga – Day 2

.. was an unusually long day.  As short as yesterday had gone, but with as much happening I guess, today was one of the longest days I have ever enjoyed.

We woke up at the crack of dawn and decided we were going to move.  The children wanted to be closer to the beach and we thought it might be less expensive if we could stay in just one big family room.  So we packed our bags and transferred to Luna Rossa Hotel, just a few doors down and directly on the famous Boracay beach.

Our New Hotel - which was really new

After dropping off our luggage, we had breakfast at Andok’s, probably the only fastfood restaurant I’ve seen on this side of the island.  Then, we headed towards Two Seasons Boracay for the first of the day’s activities – kite boarding.

While the adults were sitting around the pergola in the resort’s front yard, the kids all ran out to play on the beach.  After a few pictures, Ed and I followed.  One thing that I noticed immediately was that the sand was truly, amazingly, incredibly as fine as powder. (camera photos will be posted later)  We walked down the beach towards Station 2, passing first class resorts like Pearl of the Pacific, Fridays, The Ambassador of Paradise and Discovery Shores.  Some looked abandoned, but then again, this is low season.  Over in the distance, we could see a lot of kite boarders taking advantage of the strong wind coming from the west, also known as habagat.

When we got back to Two Seasons, the group was getting ready to go learn how to kite board.  I declined giving the excuse that I volunteer to take their pictures.  Too late I realized my camera was low on battery..  I forgot to charge it last night!  Grrr!

We had lunch at the resort.  Did I mention that it was my brother J’s birthday?  We had pizza and chicken and then when nobody could eat any more, we made plans for the rest of the day.

R and K, A and C would go for a walk on the beach.. J, the kids with N, Ed and I would go back to Luna Rossa to freshen up.  Then I would take the two teenagers F and N to go shopping, while everyone else would sleep.  Fair enough.

I had been informed by 2 friends already (through text) that the best place to do our shopping was at D’Talipapa.  It turned out to be a block of pasalubong stores grouped together selling more or less the same items at one common low price.  We walked over the wet ground looking into the stalls, not really seeing anything interesting, until I spotted something unique – teeny tiny bottles of Boracay sand.  Then out popped the store owner from behind the counter.  A friendly, talkative young man whose name was Reggie.  We hit it off immediately, for he was polite, informative and helpful, even replying to my admonitions regarding the sale of Boracay sand.  He said, it is prohibited to take Station One sand (the powdery kind) off the island, but since what was in the bottles was Station 2 sand, and they were only minute amounts, then it was okay.  Haha!  I bought 10 bottles (on discount pa) and one living room decor for my mom.

Galeria Kulay - we didn't buy anything here but it was so colorful I had to take a picture

After my pasalubong shopping was done, I was worried the girls hadn’t seen anything interesting.  They were looking for ‘normal’ clothes, not souvenir items, they said.  So we walked and walked some more, making a full round of D’Talipapa and eventually taking a tricycle to D’Mall, which, disappointingly, had nothing.  The saleslady even told me to go to E’Mall, which was located in Station 3.  Out of frustration and partly to lighten the situation, I asked her, “Oh, if this is D’MAll and you want us to go to E’Mall, where are A, B and C’Mall?”  She didn’t get the joke.  Hahay!

We came back to the room hungry after all that walking and since the small kids were awake and my brother J had gone back to Station 1 to do more kite boarding, Ed and I took everyone out for snacks.  Then, we waited to be called for dinner.

If I were a culinary expert or blogger, what we had for dinner would be allocated a whole new post or even series of posts.  We had it in one of those eateries in D’Talipapa whose purpose it is to cook and serve the seafood bought fresh at the wet market just a few feet away.  And wow how fresh everything was!  We had tahong (oysters), talakitok (jacks), tuna panga (tuna cheeks), prawn tempura, talaba (clams), sauteed kangkong, sauteed sayote and sweet onion.  Everything was absolutely delicious and let us not forget the milestone celebrated in my niece F’s life.  She is normally allergic to seafood but she was able to all the food placed on her plate without once feeling any allergic reaction to what she was ingesting.  We believe that this is because the shellfish were taken from the sea just one to two hours before they were cooked.

The best part of the evening?  We spent just over P3,700 for the whole meal which fed 12 people.  Now THAT’S value for money!

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