White Water Rafting in CDO

My first experience with the Cagayan de Oro White Water Rafting Adventure was in 2004, with my cousin and his family.  Back then, the Basic or Beginners Course took almost the whole day to complete and there were numerous fun and challenging activities that made the whole adventure memorable.  As years passed, the course became faster with more paddling opportunities and the activities outside the rafts lessened.  But at the same time, more advanced routes were discovered, classified and added to the list of offerings.

with CDO River Tours

I’ve done the Basic and Advance Courses so many times already I’ve lost count.  So why do I still do them?  Well, because it’s different each time.  The river (Cagayan de Oro River) changes all the time and no two runs are exactly the same.  I’ve even experienced it with different outfitters already, and of course, it is definitely not the same with each one.  This is actually what I tell our guests who DON’T want to do it because they’ve already done in it in Davao or in Cagayan Valley or in the US..

with Bugsay Corp.

So those of you who are coming to Cagayan de Oro for the first time (or the nth time):  It is a MUST to have the White Water Rafting Adventure on your list of things to do!  You can book directly with your preferred outfitter, or have it booked through your favorite travel agency.  Whichever way, the price is the same.

with Kagay Journey

Today, there are four courses being offered and these courses are: Basic (P700), Advance (P1,000), Extreme I (P1,500) and Extreme II (P2,000).  Don’t forget to request documentation, an optional add-on which you will absolutely love because it is a DVD filled with pictures (and the occasional video) of you and your friends enjoying a rafting day together!

with Rafting Adventure Phils.

The rafting outfitters are: (in alphabetical order, so that there’s no favoritism) Bugsay Corporation, Cagayan de Oro River Tours Corporation, Golden Friendship White Water Rafting Corporation, Great White Water Tours, Inc., Kagay Journey, and Rafting Adventure Philippines.  They are identified by the color of the rubber rafts – respectively – Blue, Red, Pale Yellow, Bright Yellow with White Stripe, Brown, and Plain Bright Yellow.

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2 thoughts on “White Water Rafting in CDO

  1. White water rafting is the best in cagayan de oro but not with kagay journey.. they are butcher for solo traveler and solo backpackers you can call it the same as the holdopers..

    1. Thank you for your comment, but I’m sorry you feel that way about Kagay because they have just been awarded by TripAdvisor, and we know that TripAdvisor really makes sure they give awards to deserving tourism entities.

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