My Hotel in Bohol

It’s my first time to stay in this hotel, but I chose El Portal Inn not because its website looks good (though it does), but because it was recommended by someone else – a tour guide in Tagbilaran City, to be specific.  And I’m glad that I took his advice.

El Portal Inn (
front office, lobby, and restaurant
single room with all my stuff
the bathroom - nice and simple

Seems to me I’ll be seeing these images again soon..  🙂

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6 thoughts on “My Hotel in Bohol

  1. i enjoyed reading your stories! we used to lived in camp fabia. am now working for DMPI. elena arinzol-chan was once my officemate.

      1. Hi! Elena and I were in the same department (MIS Development) doing analysis and programming. She is married to Bong Chan of Ilo-ilo. They are now living in Canada with a son and a daughter. I am now residing at DEARBC Homes with my family since 2005. Nakatira pala tayo sa isang barangay- Damilag! 🙂

      2. he is my uncle- being dad’s younger brother. we call him ‘tiyo’ bebe (his nickname since childhood).

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