Going Home

After 5 days and 4 nights, I was finally returning home.  What began as apprehension to be visiting Bohol (by myself for the first time) to attend a seminar became reluctance to repack my things for the trip back to Cagayan de Oro.  I was excited to be going home, but for the life of me, I somehow could not get over the fact that I would be missing this island province I have only recently come to know.

a very clean and very new Ocean Jet 8

My trip to Cebu via Ocean Jet was scheduled to leave at 11:30 am.  Not really believing the rumors that this fast craft company would be late, I left the school (Bohol Powerhouse Scholastics, Inc.) at 10:30 to be safe.  I arrived at the port with many minutes to spare, but because I couldn’t understand the flow of lines, I wasn’t able to check-in immediately.  (What’s the rule?  Clarify your signage.)  The craft was late in arriving, yes, but only by a few minutes.  The trip was called on time and arrive at Cebu Port on time, give or take a few minutes, at 1:35 pm.  Probably because there were not many people on board and embarking and disembarking was not a hassle.

Approaching Cebu City Pier

In Cebu I was considering going to SM first to kill some time, but was able to ride a taxi almost as soon as I got out of the terminal, so straight to the airport it was.  Like I’ve said before, Cebu isn’t a favorite of mine, though I know several of my high school and college classmates are from there.  One thing going for them though is that the taxi drivers are reliable and won’t bring you the long way around.

Cebu Suspension Bridge - made from gold?

The Mactan International Airport was just as I remembered it — with the most expensive shops and restaurants just before you enter the airport check-in lobby.  The lobby itself was surprisingly bare of passengers, considering that Cebu is a much busier hub than Cagayan de Oro.  Maybe also because the passengers are already segregated into the different airlines and destinations in an orderly manner.  Will the new Cagayan de Oro Airport (in Laguindingan, MisOr) be like this, you think?

Pre-Departure Area at Mactan Cebu International Airport

My flight on Air Philippines Express took off at 5:05 pm and landed at Lumbia Airport at 5:40, a whole 35 minutes ahead of schedule.  Galing!

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