Typhoon Sendong Rams Into CDO

The original title was supposed to be “When It Rains…” and the post would have been about the funny things that happen when it rains in CDO, but after seeing the pictures and hearing/reading the news, I think the new one is more appropriate.

I’m not going to write a lot, because I’m posting a link that will lead you to a photo album on Facebook, showing the City of Cagayan de Oro this morning (December 17, 2011) when the water was still very high but starting to recede.

Please copy and paste:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150693707884657&set=a.10150693704329657.486541.754734656&type=1&theater

Just so you know, Mindanao is never hit by typhoons, let alone Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon. In 2009 when Typhoon Urduja followed Typhoon Ondoy’s aftermath into Manila, Storm Signal #1 was raised over Surigao del Norte and Camiguin, but that was it. This time, Storm Signal #2 was declared over Misamis Oriental and CDO and was only lifted this morning. What a way to spend Christmas..

Please pray that our friends and colleagues in the city are okay and that they have found a place of refuge if their homes were affected.

See the aerial photos here (copy and paste): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150693707884657&set=a.10150693704329657.486541.754734656&type=1&theater

Photos by Taptap Abellanosa

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