A Night at Home

We stayed at the Lodge tonight.  Would you believe I have NEVER stayed here ever before.  Oh, I lived in Cawayanon for 13 years, but in my house at the end of the road.  Even when we were moving out and supposedly the family is allowed to stay at the Lodge for a few days, my parents didn’t take the opportunity.  So tonight, exactly 25 years since my family’s despedida, I am sleeping in Cawayanon.

I’m with my mom and my brother (Joey) and his family.  From the moment we arrived before lunch, we’ve had non-stop activities:

* making rubber balls – 

* having lunch – I had a tuna salad

* bowling – 

* walking around – 

* more walking around – 

* more bowling – 

* night strolling – 

* having dinner with the family – highlights were the roast beef and.. the ice cream cake!!!  

t was great to feel ‘at home’ again.. to be able to walk around without anyone asking what my purpose was.. to be able to play bowling (I beat my personal score -144- made when I was Grade 6; I scored 156 today!).. and to just remember the good times.

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