Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is a term used when writers can’t think of anything to write, though this is not for lack of topics. Since my last post in February, almost two months ago, I’ve had every opportunity to write about: the Kaamulan Festival, the history of Bukidnon, Missy Bon Bon (the restaurant where I spend most of my downtime in CDO), the Gateway Food Center, my new puppy, developments in my home barangay Damilag, Valentine’s Day, the EDSA Revolution,… the list goes on. So why haven’t I written a single word? Or rather, why haven’t I published anything since February 9? A caricature I saw once said it all: the creator of a popular comic strip in the Philippines was being interviewed, “You now have a regular slot on the Comics Page of (major newspaper in the Philippines). Don’t you ever run out of ideas?” The creator’s nonchalant answer was, “Of course not!” But the caricature that came after was of him banging his head against a tree while holding a pencil and some blank sheets of drawing paper. Meaning he couldn’t think of anything and was hoping the banging would jolt some creativity stuck between the cracks.

This blog is supposed to be about the pictures I take and the stories behind these pictures. Since February, I’ve accumulated about 50 pictures of various scenes and sights, all with corresponding stories at the time they were taken.. but when I sat down to write, my brain wouldn’t cooperate.. and I would easily get distracted with other diversions. Sigh!

So anyway, I still hope to make this blog a regular publication and not just a sporadic one. Just bear with me a LITTLE bit longer.  😀

Coming out of Writer's Block: A glimmer of light on the dark road of the creative mind.

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A journaler - someone who writes in a journal.

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