Bukidnon My Home

In a spurt of nostalgia, I went searching for the lyrics of Bukidnon My Home, the provincial anthem created by one of the first (if not THE FIRST) historians of the region, Mr. Filomeno Bautista.. who just happens to be the father of my ninong.

So here it is in both the Binukid and English versions:

Bisan pa hindu a
Lalag ku’g uli` a
Dini ta Bukidnon
Kanak ha banuwa

Buntod ha matangkaw,
Patag ha malu-ag,
Na tungkay madagway.

Bukidnon ha banuwa ku
Dini ka ta pusung ku.
Langit nu bon kadagway,
Hadi ku agkalipatan.
Bukidnon ha bugta ku
Dakol sa goinawa nu.
Ka-uyagan, in-ila` nu,
Ngaran nu, hitindugan ku.

Wherever I may roam
The distant land to see
I long to go back home
To sweet Bukidnon home

Her lovely mountains high
Her forest old and grand
Bring memories to me
The home I long to see.

There my heart, yearns to be
In far away, Bukidnon land.
Under its blue starry sky,
Where love and joy never die.

Mountains of Impasug-ong, Bukidnon

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