Centrio: the NEW Ayala in CDO

It opened yesterday, November 9, 2012.

I intentionally didn’t go yesterday because I could just imagine the crowd that was eagerly anticipating this grand opening. Not to mention those responding to the shops that were also opening with the mall, whose marketing strategies were to offer free items for a WHOLE YEAR to the first few customers.

So this write-up is from the stand-point of a 2nd-day visitor to the mall.

See the line of people at the entrance? It was like that until I left at 2:00pm.

My coming down to the city today did have a purpose, though it wasn’t to visit Centrio. Of course, it wasn’t also so important that I had to make a special trip today (a Saturday).. I could have waited until Monday, which is my normal travel-for-business day. Does it sound like I’m looking for an excuse? Hehehe.

Centrio Park from the top

The mall’s basic floor shape is square, so all the designers had to do was try to fit in as many store spaces and walkways as they could into the limited space. They also had to leave enough space in the middle for a children’s park and lounging area. I read somewhere that all Ayala Malls and buildings are required to have these and that they are encouraging the preservation of trees even in developed areas.

Puyo Handicrafts @ Centrio Mall

I was so intent on seeing everything that I missed my friend’s kiosk the first time I passed it. Actually, there on the first floor are all our local products of Northern Mindanao – Salay Handmade Products Industries, The Stoneware Pottery and Puyo Handicrafts. I stopped by each one to offer my congratulations for having a kiosk and for making it to the second day of mall opening. They seemed dwarfed by the other, more well-garbed stores and I wanted to somehow make them feel noticed. Nonetheless, I felt very proud that they were there.

Activity Area – Ready for the next show!

The activity area is small. I was a little disappointed with that. Well, having seen the one in Davao’s Abreeza Mall, and after seeing the streamer outside advertising a live show of ASAP, I kind of expected something bigger.

VIPinoy Lounge – rest area for Very Important Pinoys!

On the third floor, we find the VIPinoy Lounge and Family Lounge. For me this is a first. I was so curious about it that I asked an attendant for more information. She said it was a rest area with its own comfort room and sala, which was available to anyone who wanted to go there. But there was a fee. I asked how much but she didn’t know as the room wasn’t open yet.

A New Look at CDO City

All in all it took me about two hours going through all the wings and floors. As I rode the jeepney back to the other mall next door where I usually spend my free time, I made the decision to be back to visit Centrio (and do a more leisurely exploration) when the hype has died down a bit.. maybe next week. Will I warm up to it the way I did with the other CDO Malls? We’ll see.

Congratulations on the New Opening and Merry Christmas!

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