Turning 40

Normally I wouldn’t give a damn.. but my high school batchmates have been posting articles about this milestone since January that I guess it rubbed off on me.. just a little bit. In fact, I don’t feel forty. They say you’re only as old as you feel. Well, if I said I feel 18, you mean I can go back to college? Besides, seriously, would you feel 40 if your 82-year-old mother looked like this?  011So, here we were, on our way to Malaybalay, to celebrate our birthdays – Mama’s was a couple of days ago, mine is still next week – at the Monastery of Transfiguration. Why there? Many reasons: one, I have always wanted to bring Mama there in time for Brunch with the Monks (which happens only every 2nd Sunday of the month); two, this year 2013, the 2nd Sunday of December happens between her birthday and mine; and three, long before Dahilayan or Divine Mercy or even our decision to go full-time into the tour operations business, Ed and I were already bringing guests to the Monastery, and therefore, this church holds a very special place in my heart.

The plan was to treat Mama like she was our guest and give her the Exclusive Bukidnon Tour. Though she had already passed this way several times in the past, I felt it was important she “reviewed” the sights, particularly the ones which had changed significantly. And what with the ease of taking digital photos nowadays, I figured, take, take and take some more!

At Alalum Falls, Sumilao (alalum is Binukid for ‘deep’) 025026








At Pine Hills Hotel, Malaybalay City (where we spent the night)  061043







At the Monastery of Transfiguration (where we attended mass and celebrated our birthday brunch)  088109






At the Impasug-ong Panika Marker  126At the Maluko View Deck (overlooking the Maluko “Bowl of Life”) 148On the bright side, because they also say “Life Begins at 40”, I will no longer be pressured to “act my age”!

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