Living with Alzheimer’s 6 (A Series)

Paranoia, Unrest and Imagination

Paranoia: Mama is afraid to sleep alone. Unfortunately, even when somebody IS sleeping in a bed next to her, sometimes she will still look in the other rooms for other people. “Where is everybody?”

Unrest: How do you reassure someone who cannot be reassured? No matter how many times I tell Mama that everything and everyone is fine, she still asks repeatedly if they are indeed fine.

Imagination: I still haven’t figured out why she thinks I need to be accompanied at night when I burn the midnight oil. You see, I am a nocturnal person. My brain turns its best creations and solutions at night, at times going into the early hours of the morning. Sometimes, she insists on “resting” on the couch next to my work area, particularly if my husband has not arrived yet. But then she doesn’t “rest” as her thought pattern/cycle keeps her — and me — distracted.

Maybe I’m analyzing it wrong. Maybe she’s the one who wants to be accompanied because she doesn’t want to be alone because she thinks she’s not fine?

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