Living with Alzheimer’s 8 (A Series)

So we went to Manila to attend my mother-in-law’s funeral. We were there for nine days. On the seventh day — five days after the funeral which my mom attended — my brother and I brought her to a doctor who specialises in Elderly Care. Since I was coming from Cavite, my husband’s home province, I greeted my mom like we had just seen each other yesterday. To my pleasure, she answered in a like tone, and I was about to comment  on it when she added, “E (my husband) is in Cavite? How is his Mama?” So obviously, she had forgotten the main reason we had come to Manila for.

And again, the following day.

And again, at the airport, and all the way home.

The doctor at St. Luke’s Medical Center suggested that there are two causes for Alzheimer’s — the first is the one everyone  believes naturally will happen (old age), while the second is the one everyone fears they will acquire (a disease). She recommended an evaluation that included a psychological test, a blood test, and an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). She warned us, though, that the results would be later in coming because of the sensitivity of the requirements. Fortunately, we were able to schedule them all on one day because we were departing for home the next day.

I was interviewed as well during the psychological test exam. I guess I was the constant or the basis of comparison for verification of information that my mom would give. To see how far off her memory has become.

Four cc’s of blood were taken from her, which prompted us to drive around BGC (Bonifacio Global City) to look for a fast-food restaurant to replenish her energy immediately. Some of it, we were told, was to ne brought abroad because the reagents for testing could not be brought to the Philippines.

Finally, the MRI progressed smoothly. Mama did everything right, even stopped talking and asking questions. Unfortunately, the technicians would not give us the results, even when they knew the other test reults would not be releases until much much later.

Anyway, it’s waiting time for now. In the meantime, I guess I will just have to adjust my schedule and attitude to be able to cater to my mom.

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