Living with Alzheimer’s 12 (a series)

Mama Diaries in the Time of Covid-19

Because of Mama’s illness, she has mistaken me for Nen, and is constantly looking for Gina. When I point out that I am, in fact, Gina, she asks, “Where is Nene?”

Because of Mama’s illness, she is constantly looking for food — food to eat now, food to eat in the next meal, food to store in the ref, food to feed the dogs. For the last few days, she has asked for something to eat every 30 minutes. Our trashcans are filled with cookie and cake packaging.

Because of Mama’s illness, she is constantly asking where we are and where we are going. Apparently, the house we are currently in — the house she and Papa built in 1986 — is not hers and she insists she should “go home” soon.

Because of Mama’s illness, she is constantly waiting for her children to come visit her. Last night, all the dogs in the neighborhood came out (breeding season) and barked and howled the night away. Mama kept telling me to go out and check if Joey had arrived because the dogs were barking.

Because of Mama’s illness, she forgets the answer, whatever the answer, two seconds after it’s given. If you ignore her, she will call you name repeatedly, demandingly, and then when you acknowledge her, she will ask something inane like, “Where are we?” So you answer, “At home.” After two seconds, she will say, “Whose house is this?”

I know we’re on home quarantine and travel is prohibited, but can anyone substitute for me, even just for a day??? I’d like ONE DAY peace and quiet. Even for just ONE DAY.


(Author’s Note: It’s been a little over a year since my last installment of my mom’s progress through Alzheimer’s. I thought I could write about my experiences as she lived her life, but sometimes it’s difficult because she doesn’t allow me to concentrate long enough enough to formulate a decent post. Anyway, I will try to post whenever possible.)

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