Life in the Time of Covid-19

Since the beginning of this year, I have been fighting off cold symptoms, which usually hit around New Year’s Day. Mind you, I have not been sick, but with the onset of this #Covid19, I have been worried that I may be more vulnerable to catch it, given that my body is somewhat weakened already. This is the main reason why my husband is the designated shopper/outgoer during these strange times.

So I have actually been on self quarantine since March 1, much longer than the ordered sequestration. So far, my symptoms have not shown, but everyday, I can feel myself losing the battle, little by little.

There are many remedies and home treatments flying around the internet, some of which I know work — like gargling lukewarm water with salt — and some are just crazy — like holding your breath to make sure the virus doesn’t get past your throat.

This was posted just recently:

It mentions salt and hot water again. And though I’ve been gargling, I find it tedious and uncomfortable on the neck. Maybe this will work. Or else why would a doctor recommend it?

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