Living with Alzheimer’s 14 (a series)

Mama is not so well.

  1. She is hard of hearing, and that when she hears a familiar word (or sounds like), she will ask about it after a few minutes pa, so by that time, I will have no idea what she’s referring to.

Her most familiar word is “airport”. So whenever the speakers on tv mention the words “airport”, “effort”, “seaport”, “and so”, and whatever other words that rhymes with it, or Ed and I talk about tourism plans, she will ask:

Who is arriving at the airport?

  1. She cannot follow conversations, topics, trains of thought anymore. Yesterday, we had the same cycle of questions repeatedly (around 6 or 7 times):

Where is N? Australia
Who is she with? V and her children
When did they go there? 1991
Why did they choose to go there? Because of work and the children’s education is free.
Where is N? …

… and the cycle repeats

  1. She doesn’t eat well. Because she doesn’t wear dentures, she cannot chew her food anymore, so we make osterized lugaw (porridge) for her. Still she refuses to eat the whole bowl (only half or sometimes just a few spoonfuls).
  2. She doesn’t sleep well, waking up at 2am or 3am, asking for breakfast. When we give her snacks instead she refuses or eats a little and again insists we make her breakfast. But when we give her lugaw, she won’t eat it all. On the other hand, she does eat her snacks with gusto when it is snack time.

My greatest concern right now is to keep Mama out of a hospital. I do not want to care for her in a hospital now with the Coronavirus still around.

Added after original post: How can she remember some things like dreams/memories she sees in dreams but not where her children are currently living right now?

I am going crazy right now.

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