Ardent Hot Springs Resort

Ardent Hot Springs Resort

Located in Mambajao, Camiguin

Discovered in the early 1980s, this was literally a steaming hot river of water flowing down Mt. Hibuk-Hibuk. It was so hot, you could actually boil an egg in it! Well, it would take about 30 minutes, but yes, a hard-boiled egg you would get. And because it was a bit extreme, visitors were advised to sit in it for only a few minutes at a time. Today, the water has since cooled down somewhat, most likely because the local government unit has decided to dilute the flowing river with streams of cold spring water, for a more pleasant experience of dipping into warm pools, and even enjoying a therapeutic lukewarm waterfall.

Stairs leading up to the main lobby and restaurant

Now, you might wonder where the heat is coming from. I mean, it is not likely that hot water flows out from the volcano’s crater, and continues to remain heated all the way down the mountain, is it? I’ll let you in on a secret. On the edges of the topmost pool (there are five pools in all), there are holes in the cement walling where heat from volcanic fissures is naturally emitted directly into the water. So, does this mean the water will always be heated? I think it is safe to presume that Ardent Springs will continue to be as hot as the current volcanic activity of Mt. Hibuk-Hibuk.

How to Go on a Tour There:

By Private Means – Contact: La Montaña Tours and Vans (a local tour operations agency) via Email: / Name of Tour: Camiguin Island Overnight or 3D2N Camiguin Getaway

By Private Means (DIY) – You can also rent a motorcycle from any authorized renters on the island and drive yourself to the resort.

By Public Means (DIY) – From Mambajao, take a jeepney to Agoho. At the corner, take a motorela to Ardent Hot Springs. You can agree with the motorela driver to wait for you or have him return for you after a certain period of time.

Ardent means “fervent”, “fiery”, “intense”

Tour Guide’s Note: It’s more fun in the Philippines, even in the New Normal! All my photos were taken before the pandemic, so if you want updated ones, travel with me next time!

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