Living with Alzheimer’s 19 (a series)

50 First Questions

If the 50 First Dates was about a woman who forgot everything at the stroke of midnight, this post is all about my mom’s 50 most-asked questions every 2 to 5 minutes of every waking moment of the day. Sinong hindi maloloka niyan?

  1. Are we going somewhere?
  2. Are you going somewhere?
  3. Are we just staying here?
  4. Are you just staying here?
  5. Who’s in the kitchen?
  6. Are there only three of us here?
  7. Where are my children?
  8. Where are my siblings?
  9. Where are we?
  10. Where is this?
  11. Where are we going?
  12. Who is cooking?
  13. Are we eating here?
  14. Where are you going?
  15. Is it fiesta in (wherever)?
  16. What is there to eat?
  17. Who is in the house?
  18. Do you have food there?
  19. What are you doing?
  20. Where is E?
  21. Where is N?
  22. Where is B?
  23. Where is T?
  24. Where is J?
  25. G, where is G?
  26. Who is she/he with?
  27. She/he has children already?
  28. What/Who is in the farm?
  29. Why are they going to burn down the house?
  30. Why do we have to vacate the house?
  31. Whose house is this?
  32. Why are we living here?
  33. Are there people living under the house?
  34. Who spoke?
  35. Who is outside?
  36. What is being said on TV?
  37. Where is that sound coming from?
  38. Where is my room?
  39. Where is my bed?
  40. Where is my husband?
  41. Where did we come from?
  42. Where is your mama (*my mother-in-law)?
  43. Who is coming?
  44. Who is at the airport?
  45. Is N coming?
  46. Is J coming?
  47. Where are we sleeping tonight?
  48. Who is beside you?
  49. Who is upstairs/downstairs?
  50. Why are the dogs barking?
the airport my mom remembers all the time

Author’s Note: If anyone reading this can relate to what I’m saying, then my decision to write it out is validated.

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