Living with Alzheimer’s 25 (a series)

My Worst Nightmare

27 January, 1:00am

Ok, it happened. Mama pooped in bed.

If it weren’t for covid, I would have brought her to the hospital and had her admitted last week already. She had been pooping (soft to watery) regularly every few days due to her soft diet and hot choco.

The thing is, she spits out anything that she “can’t” swallow, no matter how small, so we have to process her rice to almost soup texture. Then, she asks for hot choco as if it were water. We are actually using her forgetfulness in controlling her choco intake to three times a day. If we don’t, she will ask for it all day. And she does not take no for an answer or she refuses to listen to reason.

So what happened? Note that she had been wearing a diaper before it happened. According to my husband, she had already gone to the bathroom and was walking back to her bed. She took off her pants, panty and diaper, sat on the bed and pooped. Maybe in her mind, she was still on the way to the bathroom and mistook her bed for the toilet. I woke up to the smell.

So now, the room smells of poop (we flipped the mattress over so that Mama can go back to sleep) and E and I are wide awake in the family room. We did clean up as much as we could but what can you do at 1am?

It is now 1:34am. Good morning!

P.S. It is the second year Death Anniversary of my mother-in-law today.

Author’s Note: If anyone can relate to this, I am epitomized, and for that, I am grateful.

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