TITLE: Goblin, the Lonely and Great God IN A NUTSHELL: (a slightly opinionated summary of the story) Once upon a time, one thousand years ago in the Joeson Empire, there lived a great warrior. His name was Kim Shin. He was a loyal servant to the King, a loving brother to his sister, Kim Sun,Continue reading “My KDrama Commentary: GOBLIN, THE LONELY AND GREAT GOD”

Photo Guide Tours: CAGAYAN RIVER

CAGAYAN RIVER Located in Cagayan de Oro City It is the third largest river in Mindanao (first is the Rio Grande Mindanao in SOCCSKARGEN; second is the Agusan River in CARAGA). It is also the main tributary for the Cagayan de Oro City’s most popular tourist activity – White Water Rafting. White Water Rafting inContinue reading “Photo Guide Tours: CAGAYAN RIVER”

Living with Alzheimer’s 20 (a series)

Mama on Travelling Mama was the ultimate homebody and the perfect hostess. She could juggle cooking, baking, making ice cream, gardening, sewing, making quilts, crocheting, taking a nap and getting ready for an evening of hosting a party for my dad’s bosses.. with ease. Then on weekends, she was always ready with a picnic basketContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 20 (a series)”