Typhoon Sendong Rams Into CDO

The original title was supposed to be “When It Rains…” and the post would have been about the funny things that happen when it rains in CDO, but after seeing the pictures and hearing/reading the news, I think the new one is more appropriate. I’m not going to write a lot, because I’m posting aContinue reading “Typhoon Sendong Rams Into CDO”

Discounts and Consequences

Aunty Mila, Aunty Lalang, Sheila and Brian are in town until October 1.  They arrived on two separate flights last September 23 – four of them on Philippine Airlines (PAL) PR 183 and one on Cebu Pacific Air (CPA) 5J 389.  Earlier in the week, they each informed me that their flights had been movedContinue reading “Discounts and Consequences”

A Matter of Family Pride

You know what they say – if you’re a Filipino, and you go anywhere in the world, you’ll probably meet someone you also know somehow (i.e. like the cousin of the officemate of your high school classmate’s brother’s girlfriend’s best friend). Well, I know someone – a Filipino in the US – one who hasContinue reading “A Matter of Family Pride”

Professionals Under Pressure

They make it look so easy! We were on coordination duty last week for the taping of Maalaala Mo Kaya, the longest-running and multi-awarded drama anthology in the Philippines. In October, the show will be celebrating its 20th Year Anniversary and the four stories chosen for this event are being filmed outside of Manila (Europe,Continue reading “Professionals Under Pressure”

Beauty and Irony

There was this article about the 12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World on Yahoo! Travel this morning and one Philippine lake was fourth on the list.  Can you guess which one?  I, for one, was surprised.  The answer:  Taal Lake. (http://travel.yahoo.com/p-interests-40253002) This, after the terrible tragedy of the Batangas Fishkill that was the headlineContinue reading “Beauty and Irony”

See Pacquiao Dance

.. in the 11th round.  Just after falling in the 10th. I became a Pacquiao (the boxer, not the congressman) fan in 2009 when my husband dragged me to watch a Pay Per View of his match with Miguel Cotto.  The gym was packed with spectators, male and female, young and old, sports fans andContinue reading “See Pacquiao Dance”