I was never a history buff in school.  In fact, history was one of my worst subjects. I learned early on that one of my greatest weaknesses was memorizing dates and names.  It even extended to Chemistry (memorizing the different elements and their properties) and Math (memorizing the different laws and symbols).  I did doContinue reading “Perspectives”

Simplicity in the Philippines

We toured a group of American ladies last January, three sisters who had lived in Bukidnon for a few of their childhood years, some 40 years ago.  They came back to visit the places they had once called home.  What was amusing was, though they enjoyed remembering their antics of their yester-years as we broughtContinue reading “Simplicity in the Philippines”

Goal: The Philippines.. One Island at a Time

Another dream fulfilled! On March 19, 2012, Ed and I embarked on a journey that would take us on a 36-hour land trip to Albay, a 3-day layover visiting relatives, a short drive to Manila, and another 2 days relax period before flying back to Cagayan de Oro.  All-in-all, it was an exciting experience forContinue reading “Goal: The Philippines.. One Island at a Time”

Fun in the Philippines!

The Philippines has a new tourism slogan: “It’s More FUN in the Philippines” I’ve always said it and I’ve always believed it.  And I’m glad somebody finally realized it, too. You can see it in full color here: Here’s my contribution:

A Day at Home

It has been 25 years since my dad retired from Del Monte and we moved out of Cawayanon.  My brother, Joey, wanted to have his kids, Frankie, Kitkat and Kobe, along with friends, experience how we had lived — even for just a couple of days. In the morning, we went fishing! The Cawayanon lakeContinue reading “A Day at Home”

A Night at Home

We stayed at the Lodge tonight.  Would you believe I have NEVER stayed here ever before.  Oh, I lived in Cawayanon for 13 years, but in my house at the end of the road.  Even when we were moving out and supposedly the family is allowed to stay at the Lodge for a few days,Continue reading “A Night at Home”

Fireflies at a River

Have you ever seen a firefly? Because I grew up in a place with lots of trees, fireflies are not alien to me.  However, because of the continuing invasion of man into their natural habitat, fireflies are being driven out and are being forced to look for other habitats more suitable for their mating rituals,Continue reading “Fireflies at a River”

My Hotel in Bohol

It’s my first time to stay in this hotel, but I chose El Portal Inn not because its website looks good (though it does), but because it was recommended by someone else – a tour guide in Tagbilaran City, to be specific.  And I’m glad that I took his advice. Seems to me I’ll beContinue reading “My Hotel in Bohol”

I Really, Really Like Bohol

This is the third time I have come to Bohol.  The first was in 2007, with my cousin, her husband, my husband and my mom.  We stayed on Panglao Island and did the Countryside Tour.  The second time was last year (2010), with a group of tour guides, attending the First National Tour Guides Convention.Continue reading “I Really, Really Like Bohol”

The Boracay Saga – The Start of a New Beginning

Ed and I had really planned to stay only a few days.  R and family, J and family, and my mom were scheduled to stay 5 days, but for me, I thought that would be too long.  For one thing, it would have become really expensive for us because everything on the island had dollarContinue reading “The Boracay Saga – The Start of a New Beginning”