My Hotel in Bohol

It’s my first time to stay in this hotel, but I chose El Portal Inn not because its website looks good (though it does), but because it was recommended by someone else – a tour guide in Tagbilaran City, to be specific.  And I’m glad that I took his advice. Seems to me I’ll beContinue reading “My Hotel in Bohol”

A Matter of Family Pride

You know what they say – if you’re a Filipino, and you go anywhere in the world, you’ll probably meet someone you also know somehow (i.e. like the cousin of the officemate of your high school classmate’s brother’s girlfriend’s best friend). Well, I know someone – a Filipino in the US – one who hasContinue reading “A Matter of Family Pride”

White Water Rafting in CDO

My first experience with the Cagayan de Oro White Water Rafting Adventure was in 2004, with my cousin and his family.  Back then, the Basic or Beginners Course took almost the whole day to complete and there were numerous fun and challenging activities that made the whole adventure memorable.  As years passed, the course becameContinue reading “White Water Rafting in CDO”

Professionals Under Pressure

They make it look so easy! We were on coordination duty last week for the taping of Maalaala Mo Kaya, the longest-running and multi-awarded drama anthology in the Philippines. In October, the show will be celebrating its 20th Year Anniversary and the four stories chosen for this event are being filmed outside of Manila (Europe,Continue reading “Professionals Under Pressure”

Getting to Boracay

The tourism industry in Boracay is so commercialized that it has already been prohibited to bring home sand as a souvenir, when it is the sand that became its main attraction in the first place. But in all the years that Boracay has been raking in dollars, euros and other currencies, including Philippine pesos, qualityContinue reading “Getting to Boracay”

The Boracay Saga – The Start of a New Beginning

Ed and I had really planned to stay only a few days.  R and family, J and family, and my mom were scheduled to stay 5 days, but for me, I thought that would be too long.  For one thing, it would have become really expensive for us because everything on the island had dollarContinue reading “The Boracay Saga – The Start of a New Beginning”

The Boracay Saga – Day 3

was windy and cold yet again.  I take back what I said earlier – this is not the best time to go to Boracay if you want peace and quiet.  The very best time would probably be sometime January or February because then, there are no people (ultra-low season) and the sea is calm (noContinue reading “The Boracay Saga – Day 3”

The Boracay Saga – Day 2

.. was an unusually long day.  As short as yesterday had gone, but with as much happening I guess, today was one of the longest days I have ever enjoyed. We woke up at the crack of dawn and decided we were going to move.  The children wanted to be closer to the beach andContinue reading “The Boracay Saga – Day 2”

The Boracay Saga – Day 1

A sufficient ending to a chaotic day.. It started in the Lumbia Airport (see previous post).  Ed had gone ahead on PAL because of his family benefit (his round trip tickets are always much cheaper than my one way fares).  My mom’s and my flight was uneventful, though relatively longer than usual because of rainContinue reading “The Boracay Saga – Day 1”

The Boracay Saga – Introduction

If you will recall in my previous post, I mentioned that recently, I have made a goal to visit at least three (3) “new” provinces/destinations each year.  This year, they were Puerto Princesa in Palawan (DONE! – June 18-22, 2011), Boracay and Bacolod.  Well, guess what?  Right now, I am sitting in an airport restaurant (Cookie’s)Continue reading “The Boracay Saga – Introduction”