Living with Alzheimer’s 23 (a series)

LESSONS FROM MY MAMA (part 1) Patience is a virtue. If we were hungry, we had to wait for the food to be ready. If we wanted to go somewhere, we had to wait for everyone to be ready. If we were traveling, we had to wait until we got to our destination. If weContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 23 (a series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 22 (a series)

MAMA ON EATING When we were growing up, Mama had some rules we needed to follow. Breakfast, on a school day, was at 6:00am and we had to be out of the house by 6:30 to get to school by 7:00. Yes, my school was only half an hour away by foot. On a weekendContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 22 (a series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 21 (a series)

WHERE ARE WE GOING? That is the question. Of the day. At the start of the conversation. Right after I give an answer. The same question. Over and over and over again. No matter what answer I give. It is the wrong answer. All those who pass by the house are not spared. She asksContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 21 (a series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 18 (a series)

Milestone! It has been portrayed several times in movies that patients suffering from dementia tend to have “episodes” of consciousness or lucidity and give us signs of hope that maybe their memories may still return. Like in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when Steve is talking to Peggy and then she suddenly has a boutContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 18 (a series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 16 (a series)

The Past is the Present of the Future.. so don’t fight it! For as long as I could remember, there were several occupations I DID NOT WANT to end up doing, and they were: TEACHER, NURSE, and ARTIST. Ironically, I have worked as a TOUR GUIDE, which is actually “teaching”, in a way, because theContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 16 (a series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 14 (a series)

Mama is not so well. She is hard of hearing, and that when she hears a familiar word (or sounds like), she will ask about it after a few minutes pa, so by that time, I will have no idea what she’s referring to. Her most familiar word is “airport”. So whenever the speakers onContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 14 (a series)”

KDrama Review: My Secret, Terrius

My score: 8/10 (Warning! Contains spoilers!) So I had just finished CLOY and was looking for something light. I thought it would be good to follow HB but somehow I couldn’t get into Secret Garden and Hyde, Jekyll and Me. Then a friend mentioned that the coronavirus made a cameo in My Secret, Terrius, starringContinue reading “KDrama Review: My Secret, Terrius”

Living with Alzheimer’s 10 (A Series)

It irks me. When she does not see me immediately, she thinks I am not in the house with her.. whether I’m in the kitchen cooking/baking or if I’m working at something on the computer in the family room or if I’m in the bathroom.. she will stand up from her lying down position soContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 10 (A Series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 9 (A Series)

Everyday is a new day.. And every time she wakes up — whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or night, and if it’s after 3 hours, 1 hour or 5 minutes — it is a new day. So she starts the day with, “Where are we? Tatlo/dalawa lang tayo dito ngayon? (Is it just theContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 9 (A Series)”