Living with Alzheimer’s 10 (A Series)

It irks me. When she does not see me immediately, she thinks I am not in the house with her.. whether I’m in the kitchen cooking/baking or if I’m working at something on the computer in the family room or if I’m in the bathroom.. she will stand up from her lying down position soContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 10 (A Series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 9 (A Series)

Everyday is a new day.. And every time she wakes up — whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or night, and if it’s after 3 hours, 1 hour or 5 minutes — it is a new day. So she starts the day with, “Where are we? Tatlo/dalawa lang tayo dito ngayon? (Is it just theContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 9 (A Series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 8 (A Series)

So we went to Manila to attend my mother-in-law’s funeral. We were there for nine days. On the seventh day — five days after the funeral which my mom attended — my brother and I brought her to a doctor who specialises in Elderly Care. Since I was coming from Cavite, my husband’s home province,Continue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 8 (A Series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 6 (A Series)

Paranoia, Unrest and Imagination Paranoia: Mama is afraid to sleep alone. Unfortunately, even when somebody IS sleeping in a bed next to her, sometimes she will still look in the other rooms for other people. “Where is everybody?” Unrest: How do you reassure someone who cannot be reassured? No matter how many times I tellContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 6 (A Series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 5 (A Series)

There is no pattern or consistency.. She can jump from one topic to another: “How did my husband die?” Then in the next breath, “Where are we having dinner tonight?” And, “What’s the news about my children?” There is, however, a topic of the day — a subject she starts with when her memory cycleContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 5 (A Series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 4 (Series Side Trip A)

My other mom.. I mentioned in an earlier post that my other mom was critically ill in the hospital. I think I should give at least one post for her situation, particularly because I want to record as much of my experiences at this time. It all started in November, when Mama M started coughing.Continue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 4 (Series Side Trip A)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 1 (A Series)

In the beginning… Becoming forgetful is always treated lightly among my friends and my peers. Ever since I turned 40, it has become a standing joke that we should not be surprised if and when we start forgetting things such as where we put our keys or eyeglasses (which were most likely perched on topContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 1 (A Series)”

A Time for Bonding

At Short Notice Our third trip to Bicol was planned at really short notice. Joey and I had an unspoken agreement to bring our elderly mom home to Albay regularly so that she could visit her equally aging brothers and sisters. We hadn’t been very consistent with the dates but had somehow managed to makeContinue reading “A Time for Bonding”

The Teacher and The Engineer

She was a Teacher. She was born in Tiwi, Albay to a Chinese-Filipino couple, and the third child in a brood of eight. Her parents owned a large grocery store that took up the first storey of their house. As a child, she and her siblings would play underneath the rice boxes and in theContinue reading “The Teacher and The Engineer”

It Was Normal

Being a kid in Cawayanon was normal. It was normal that Kindergarten Commencement was held on a picnic blanket with tea party props under an acacia tree in the school yard with our parents around us looking on and we sang and danced The Little Teapot: “I’m a little teapot, short and stout. Here isContinue reading “It Was Normal”