A Sheltered Life

Growing up in Cawayanon was different. There were only a few families, about 30 in all. We went to a different school and played with just a few kids. Many of them were American, hence our spoken language was English. Sometimes, we would be introduced to some teachers from OLLES (Mr. Vismanos, the Scouting Teacher;Continue reading “A Sheltered Life”

Turning 40

Normally I wouldn’t give a damn.. but my high school batchmates have been posting articles about this milestone since January that I guess it rubbed off on me.. just a little bit. In fact, I don’t feel forty. They say you’re only as old as you feel. Well, if I said I feel 18, youContinue reading “Turning 40”

My Philippine Adventure (Departure) by Karen Haycox

MY PHILIPPINE ADVENTURE by Karen L. Haycox (Departure) Head back home. Go to Cagayan de Oro airport….yeah….this is the Cagayan I remember. The airport basically resembles a bus terminal. They do have air conditioning, but there are stand-alone industrial units that are held together with duct tape. No really. As I check in for myContinue reading “My Philippine Adventure (Departure) by Karen Haycox”

My Philippine Adventure (Camiguin Trip) by Karen Haycox

MY PHILIPPINE ADVENTURE by Karen L. Haycox (Camiguin Trip) So after the reunion take a side trip to Camiguin Island. There is huge sentimental value in this for me – it’s where I first fell in love with snorkeling. Daddy is not pleased with this development as he is highly protective and is convinced I’llContinue reading “My Philippine Adventure (Camiguin Trip) by Karen Haycox”

My Philippine Adventure (Cawayanon Reunion) by Karen Haycox

Sometimes in our effort to entertain, we run out of words to express ourselves. Yes, folks, it is called Writer’s Block. But just about the same time, another writer comes into out midst and saves the day. I am posting my friend’s experience – with her permission, of course, and a few corrections (c”,) –Continue reading “My Philippine Adventure (Cawayanon Reunion) by Karen Haycox”

Bukidnon My Home

In a spurt of nostalgia, I went searching for the lyrics of Bukidnon My Home, the provincial anthem created by one of the first (if not THE FIRST) historians of the region, Mr. Filomeno Bautista.. who just happens to be the father of my ninong. So here it is in both the Binukid and EnglishContinue reading “Bukidnon My Home”


I was never a history buff in school.  In fact, history was one of my worst subjects. I learned early on that one of my greatest weaknesses was memorizing dates and names.  It even extended to Chemistry (memorizing the different elements and their properties) and Math (memorizing the different laws and symbols).  I did doContinue reading “Perspectives”

Simplicity in the Philippines

We toured a group of American ladies last January, three sisters who had lived in Bukidnon for a few of their childhood years, some 40 years ago.  They came back to visit the places they had once called home.  What was amusing was, though they enjoyed remembering their antics of their yester-years as we broughtContinue reading “Simplicity in the Philippines”

Goal: The Philippines.. One Island at a Time

Another dream fulfilled! On March 19, 2012, Ed and I embarked on a journey that would take us on a 36-hour land trip to Albay, a 3-day layover visiting relatives, a short drive to Manila, and another 2 days relax period before flying back to Cagayan de Oro.  All-in-all, it was an exciting experience forContinue reading “Goal: The Philippines.. One Island at a Time”

Fun in the Philippines!

The Philippines has a new tourism slogan: “It’s More FUN in the Philippines” I’ve always said it and I’ve always believed it.  And I’m glad somebody finally realized it, too. You can see it in full color here:  http://itsmorefuninthephilippines.com/images/logo1.svg Here’s my contribution: