An Adventure Like No Other

We hear a motorcycle coming up the road.. Wait, the engine’s rev is too high to be from an ordinary motorcycle, maybe it’s a scooter.. on the highway? Wait, here it comes, it should be passing us any moment, any minute, right about.. Wait, what? It’s flying over us??? You start the day cool andContinue reading “An Adventure Like No Other”

Places I Remember

Of all the places I have been to.. mind you, I haven’t been to many, just around the Philippines and once to Australia.. there is this one place I always return to. It is the home of my childhood, the place where I took my first steps as a baby, the place where I learned howContinue reading “Places I Remember”

My Love Affair with Camiguin

I have been going to Camiguin for as long as I could remember. The very first visit was in 1981, I think.  I was 7 years old.  Back then, there was only one barge company in operation, bringing passengers to and from Balingoan Port to Benoni Port twice a day – one in the earlyContinue reading “My Love Affair with Camiguin”

Famous Faces and Me

You know what I really like about this business of promoting local tourism?  We get to meet a lot of famous people.  And if we don’t meet them, well, we can at least stand next to them or get a closer look. Two and a half years ago (Sept 2008), we were given the rareContinue reading “Famous Faces and Me”

The Heart is Where the Home Is

Amazing this computer age stuff..  You can’t live without it, but you can’t live with it either.  For almost a month, my laptop has been acting up (slow, not loading, can’t detect wifi) and somebody said it might have been infected by a virus and could crash anytime.  That explains why I haven’t been writingContinue reading “The Heart is Where the Home Is”

Advertising, Copying and the Internet

In my previous post, I “copied and pasted” an article written by my high school classmate, whose permission I was granted to repost it in my own blog.  Ironically, the situation coincided with a discovery I made about a certain advertising site that takes blog posts about Philippine tours and destinations and “copies” them directlyContinue reading “Advertising, Copying and the Internet”

High School Ties

This wonderful article was written by my high school classmate, one I didn’t know well back then, but has become akin to a close friend overnight (literally).  I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did. __________________________________________________________________________________________ The Reunion by Dex Osorio Facebook is Not Good Enough. Facebook, the mailing list, and theContinue reading “High School Ties”

Cruisin’ the Islands in Style

The day was done, the marathon tour of Sohoton Cave in Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte, over, my battery all but depleted.  But everyone was still up for one more picture.  That’s me in the forefront, Mama, Joseph and Danny behind me on my left and Pia, Nen and Buzz on the right.  Ed (myContinue reading “Cruisin’ the Islands in Style”

A Marathon Tour (3-6pm)

The day wasn’t done yet, oh, no!  Though the afternoon was obviously waning, our guides took us to yet another pool that was filled with little brown creatures.  At closer inspection (our guide picked one up and held it up for us to see and hold), they were jellyfish!            Continue reading “A Marathon Tour (3-6pm)”