Filotours: Fresh Eyes for the Philippines

So many islands, 7107 of them.  How can anyone visit them all in one lifetime?  The answer:  Send your kids to university where they will learn cinematography and film making.  Then once they’ve become experts in their chosen fields, take a long break and bring them to visit the Philippines, the country of their roots.Continue reading “Filotours: Fresh Eyes for the Philippines”

Places I Remember

Of all the places I have been to.. mind you, I haven’t been to many, just around the Philippines and once to Australia.. there is this one place I always return to. It is the home of my childhood, the place where I took my first steps as a baby, the place where I learned howContinue reading “Places I Remember”

Famous Faces and Me

You know what I really like about this business of promoting local tourism?  We get to meet a lot of famous people.  And if we don’t meet them, well, we can at least stand next to them or get a closer look. Two and a half years ago (Sept 2008), we were given the rareContinue reading “Famous Faces and Me”