Living with Alzheimer’s 15 (a series)

Mental Health When the Philippines was hit by Covid-19 and our president declared the National Capital Region to go on Community Quarantine, I was not worried. I knew that it would only be temporary and that the quarantine would be lifted as soon as it was deemed safe. I actually thought I could use theContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 15 (a series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 13 (a series)

Happy Easter, Mama Diaries Fans! Mama’s Daily Schedule: 5:00am – Mama starts waking up G and E, demanding breakfast 6:00am – E gets up and prepares Mama’s breakfast (lugaw) 7:00am – Mama is still eating breakfast reluctantly and lamenting that she wants to sleep. G administers her meds. after, Mama sleeps for about 10 minutesContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 13 (a series)”

Living with Alzheimer’s 12 (a series)

Mama Diaries in the Time of Covid-19 Because of Mama’s illness, she has mistaken me for Nen, and is constantly looking for Gina. When I point out that I am, in fact, Gina, she asks, “Where is Nene?” Because of Mama’s illness, she is constantly looking for food — food to eat now, food toContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 12 (a series)”