Living with Alzheimer’s 2 (A Series)

My mom’s favorite questions (most asked): Before: 1. How can the picture come out on the TV? I don’t understand it! 2. How can the video of my son/daughter come out on the cellphone? I don’t understand it! 3. How can you find the words of my favorite song in your computer so quickly? IContinue reading “Living with Alzheimer’s 2 (A Series)”

A Time for Bonding

At Short Notice Our third trip to Bicol was planned at really short notice. Joey and I had an unspoken agreement to bring our elderly mom home to Albay regularly so that she could visit her equally aging brothers and sisters. We hadn’t been very consistent with the dates but had somehow managed to makeContinue reading “A Time for Bonding”

The Teacher and The Engineer

She was a Teacher. She was born in Tiwi, Albay to a Chinese-Filipino couple, and the third child in a brood of eight. Her parents owned a large grocery store that took up the first storey of their house. As a child, she and her siblings would play underneath the rice boxes and in theContinue reading “The Teacher and The Engineer”