Independence: Is It Truly Worth It?

I was raised on American History, American customs and culture, American language (complete with American accent) and American food. Many a time in my young life when I actually believed I was an American. For six years through grade school, the only stressful subject that marred my smooth upbringing was Pilipino class. This was aContinue reading “Independence: Is It Truly Worth It?”

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is a term used when writers can’t think of anything to write, though this is not for lack of topics. Since my last post in February, almost two months ago, I’ve had every opportunity to write about: the Kaamulan Festival, the history of Bukidnon, Missy Bon Bon (the restaurant where I spend mostContinue reading “Writer’s Block”

In Defense of Piolo Pascual

I know, I know, a kazillion blogs have been posted about the issue of Piolo Pascual being gay.  And a kazillion people probably believe that he IS gay, because why would he break up with the “perfect woman” KC Concepcion?  Ehem.. to me, that’s not surprising, but then again, my opinion of Ms. Concepcion isContinue reading “In Defense of Piolo Pascual”

Not So There Yet

“We are blessed with the ability and capability to become whatever we desire to be: Success is the result of positive action and determination.. Frustration is the result of good intentions but no action.. Mediocrity is the result of no action and the acceptance of failure.. Where are you?” — Unknown I have been brewing onContinue reading “Not So There Yet”

Discounts and Consequences

Aunty Mila, Aunty Lalang, Sheila and Brian are in town until October 1.  They arrived on two separate flights last September 23 – four of them on Philippine Airlines (PAL) PR 183 and one on Cebu Pacific Air (CPA) 5J 389.  Earlier in the week, they each informed me that their flights had been movedContinue reading “Discounts and Consequences”

Getting to Boracay

The tourism industry in Boracay is so commercialized that it has already been prohibited to bring home sand as a souvenir, when it is the sand that became its main attraction in the first place. But in all the years that Boracay has been raking in dollars, euros and other currencies, including Philippine pesos, qualityContinue reading “Getting to Boracay”

See Pacquiao Dance

.. in the 11th round.  Just after falling in the 10th. I became a Pacquiao (the boxer, not the congressman) fan in 2009 when my husband dragged me to watch a Pay Per View of his match with Miguel Cotto.  The gym was packed with spectators, male and female, young and old, sports fans andContinue reading “See Pacquiao Dance”

Of Earthquakes and Tremors

I woke up briefly to a tremor this morning around 3:00am.  It was just a short one, lasting about 3-4 seconds, enough to make me hear the ornaments on the wall rattle.  I think the last time I remember waking up to a tremor like that was a few years ago and I was beginningContinue reading “Of Earthquakes and Tremors”