Located in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte On the outskirts of Iligan City, in an almost still-virgin forest, lies Sikyop, or the “hidden paradise” in Higaonon dialect. In this rough landscape runs a river, a mere tributary of the great Mandulog River, that has cut through, and even under, the mountain, making it a naturalContinue reading “Photo Guide Tours: SIKYOP RIVER ADVENTURE”

Overcoming Fear

I once read that FEAR is actually just False Expectations Appearing Real.  This knowledge has helped me a lot especially when it came to talking in front of people.  Over the years since becoming a travel coordinator, my talking skills have developed a hundred-fold, making it almost impossible to imagine what life was like backContinue reading “Overcoming Fear”

An Adventure Like No Other

We hear a motorcycle coming up the road.. Wait, the engine’s rev is too high to be from an ordinary motorcycle, maybe it’s a scooter.. on the highway? Wait, here it comes, it should be passing us any moment, any minute, right about.. Wait, what? It’s flying over us??? You start the day cool andContinue reading “An Adventure Like No Other”