A Sheltered Life

Growing up in Cawayanon was different. There were only a few families, about 30 in all. We went to a different school and played with just a few kids. Many of them were American, hence our spoken language was English. Sometimes, we would be introduced to some teachers from OLLES (Mr. Vismanos, the Scouting Teacher;Continue reading “A Sheltered Life”

Turning 40

Normally I wouldn’t give a damn.. but my high school batchmates have been posting articles about this milestone since January that I guess it rubbed off on me.. just a little bit. In fact, I don’t feel forty. They say you’re only as old as you feel. Well, if I said I feel 18, youContinue reading “Turning 40”

My Philippine Adventure (Cawayanon Reunion) by Karen Haycox

Sometimes in our effort to entertain, we run out of words to express ourselves. Yes, folks, it is called Writer’s Block. But just about the same time, another writer comes into out midst and saves the day. I am posting my friend’s experience – with her permission, of course, and a few corrections (c”,) –Continue reading “My Philippine Adventure (Cawayanon Reunion) by Karen Haycox”