A Sheltered Life

Growing up in Cawayanon was different. There were only a few families, about 30 in all. We went to a different school and played with just a few kids. Many of them were American, hence our spoken language was English. Sometimes, we would be introduced to some teachers from OLLES (Mr. Vismanos, the Scouting Teacher;Continue reading “A Sheltered Life”

Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is a term used when writers can’t think of anything to write, though this is not for lack of topics. Since my last post in February, almost two months ago, I’ve had every opportunity to write about: the Kaamulan Festival, the history of Bukidnon, Missy Bon Bon (the restaurant where I spend mostContinue reading “Writer’s Block”

Not So There Yet

“We are blessed with the ability and capability to become whatever we desire to be:¬†Success is the result of positive action and determination.. Frustration is the result of good intentions but no action.. Mediocrity is the result of no action and the acceptance of failure.. Where are you?” — Unknown I have been brewing onContinue reading “Not So There Yet”