A Time for Bonding

At Short Notice Our third trip to Bicol was planned at really short notice. Joey and I had an unspoken agreement to bring our elderly mom home to Albay regularly so that she could visit her equally aging brothers and sisters. We hadn’t been very consistent with the dates but had somehow managed to makeContinue reading “A Time for Bonding”

My Philippine Adventure (Departure) by Karen Haycox

MY PHILIPPINE ADVENTURE by Karen L. Haycox (Departure) Head back home. Go to Cagayan de Oro airport….yeah….this is the Cagayan I remember. The airport basically resembles a bus terminal. They do have air conditioning, but there are stand-alone industrial units that are held together with duct tape. No really. As I check in for myContinue reading “My Philippine Adventure (Departure) by Karen Haycox”

Discounts and Consequences

Aunty Mila, Aunty Lalang, Sheila and Brian are in town until October 1.  They arrived on two separate flights last September 23 – four of them on Philippine Airlines (PAL) PR 183 and one on Cebu Pacific Air (CPA) 5J 389.  Earlier in the week, they each informed me that their flights had been movedContinue reading “Discounts and Consequences”