My Philippine Adventure (Cawayanon Reunion) by Karen Haycox

Sometimes in our effort to entertain, we run out of words to express ourselves. Yes, folks, it is called Writer’s Block. But just about the same time, another writer comes into out midst and saves the day. I am posting my friend’s experience – with her permission, of course, and a few corrections (c”,) –Continue reading “My Philippine Adventure (Cawayanon Reunion) by Karen Haycox”

High School Ties

This wonderful article was written by my high school classmate, one I didn’t know well back then, but has become akin to a close friend overnight (literally).  I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did. __________________________________________________________________________________________ The Reunion by Dex Osorio Facebook is Not Good Enough. Facebook, the mailing list, and theContinue reading “High School Ties”